Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas in Key West

We made it to Key West the evening of December 19th. We anchored out that night and called a few marinas the next morning to find a slip. We got one at Conch Harbor Marina, next to the fuel dock, but it was a great slip on the end so every afternoon we watched all the tourist boats go out for the night cruise.

We spent that day cleaning the boat, doing laundry and resting up. Sunday we met up with Thane and Tami and they took us to a local place they like for dinner. The food was delicious and the margaritas were best I had had in a long time. But most of all I was so happy to see these two. They are some of the best people ever and Tami and I picked up yammering like it had only been yesterday since I had seen her.

Miss America!!!

Monday morning we rented a car and drove up the Keys to Ft. Lauderdale to pick up Ronda and Derry. I was really excited to make this drive. I had seen so many pictures and movies showing Hwy 1 going up the Keys, and it lived up to my expectations! I forgot my camera for this drive so no pics, will find that I do that a lot!

Together Again!

It was great to have Ronda and Derry with us for Christmas. Christmas Dinner was on Liberty Call with Tami and Thane, and Thane's Mother, Jean, and her boyfriend, Collin, who is a Brit and had one of those great British sense of humors. He kept us laughing! But our special guest was Mango! Thane and Tami's parrot. Mango was like having a kid with us, in fact he ate at the kid's table.

Ronda with Mango.

Dinner was a shrimp boil topped off with homemade Key Lime Pie. We all decided that this should become a new tradition! Save turkey for Thanksgiving!!! It was yuummeeee!!! But, the company was the best! How tough can life be having Christmas with great friends in Key West??? Although, we did miss family (Mom and all) and our personal crew (Valerie, Curtis, Travis Jr. and Jessie.)

Christmas Shrimp Boil!

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valerie said...

i loved this post with all the pictures. i'm glad you were surrounded by friends during the holidays. mango is a cutie. i like your picture of the champaign and the sunset. i really hope we can fly out and meet you guys at some point on your trip... i know you won't be able to keep in touch much while in mexico, but surely there will be internet cafes. talk to you soon!