Friday, March 13, 2009

Sounds of Freedom

Oh my gosh, it has been so long since I have made a blog entry that I could not remember my password. Had to go digging around for my notebook that I have it in to refresh my memory. Thank goodness I found the notebook, because it was not even close to what I thought it was. I guess we are having just to much fun here in Key West. You see...there are these long tentacles that extend out from Key West that wrap themselves around your keel, in our case both keels, and just sorta suck you in. We are not sure what it will take to break them off, perhaps a hurricane?

After spending about a month anchoring out we decided to smarten up and check out the Key West Naval Air Station marina. It has been years and years since we were on a military base and NAS Key West is a small friendly place and the marina is beautiful. We are steps from the parking lot/laundry room/restaurant and bar. The best part is the cost! Truly we have found paradise!

Every morning I am waken by the sounds of freedom flying over. Having been stationed at MCAS Yuma, AZ I had forgotten how thrilling it really is to hear our jets soaring overhead reminding us that our brave men and women in uniform are still on the job!

I have spent a lot of time with Tami, shopping at thrift/junk store (it is so nice to have a friend who gets junk) and eating at different places each time for lunch. Tami has to work two days a week, bummer, so it kinda interferes with our fun time. There are kayaks here at the marina and that is on our agenda for one of our girl's day.

The capt and I took a little road trip through the Everglades a few weeks back. People stopping to look at alligators, I for one did not find them cute and cuddly. I would not want to drive through the Everglades after dark and run out of gas. These amphibians are just laying along the road. We ended up in Coco, FL which was a nice town, reminded me of Fredericksburg. Cute shops and restaurants.

I have downloaded pictures in no paticular order to enjoy. Sorry for the loooooong delay in blog entries. I will try to do better, but don't bet the farm on it.

View of Liberty Call by marina office

Part of marina by the beach/cabanas

Liberty Call in her slip

View of the marian from the mooring ball we were on for a couple of weeks at the NAS marina

Another view from mooring ball. It was a foggy day when I took theses two pictures. According to the locals fog is not common here in Key West. For a few days it felt like California...fog in AM leaves for lunch and back in the PM.

Navigator Bar and Grill at Boca Chica Marina NAS Key West

View of the office from the back or Liberty Call

Driving down the Keys

More driving down the Keys

Bahama Mama's for two! Hmmmm do they make you thirsty?

Captain and First Mate on Duval Street.

Tami and the sunset at Mallory Square


Tami, Thane and the Captain at Mallory Square


Mary Lou White said...

Thanks Carolyn! Fun to check out your adventures! Thank you for sharing! Some of us have to go on such adventures vicariously. Looks like all is well with you!

valerie said...

i love the photos... now i can imagine more clearly about where you guys are living. i can't wait to come visit you and dad. you guys seem like you're meant to be there for a while. seems dreamy.

i don't blame you for not blogging much. it's the photo loading that kills me too. it just takes way too long...

i love you!