Monday, June 1, 2009

Where Have I Been?

Well I see I have let time go by and I have neglected my blog. I have only one excuse, I am on Key West time and if you have ever been to Key West you will understand, if not...hmmm I guess you need to come on down!!!

The Captain and I took a road trip to Bremfield, Mass for a big flea market. A friend of ours sits up there and invited us to come up and see what was happening. What a blast it was, and shopper overload. So much to see.

We took Liberty Call over to the Dry Tartugas with Mike and Donna for some RR from our RR. We snorkled, explored the old fort and former prison. The only famous prisoner ever there was Dr. Mudd, the doctor who set John Wilkes Booth's leg after he shot Lincoln. The old saying...your name is mud comes from that time.


Pirate girl picture I found at the big flea...I got to take her home.

The one that got away was this cute little shelf shaped like a sailboat and painted red. Oh so cute. If I had a real kitchen I would have bought it in a heartbeat. Can't you just see it? Well I could!!

Flea Market shot, does not do the place justice.

The marina on Memorial Day. A few boats had their signal flags up...looked very patriotic.

Big Fluffy Cloud on Memorial Day

We flew our Signal Flags for the first time on Memorial Day

A dang big fish off the back of Liberty Call...see how clear the water is!

Approaching the Dry Tartugas

Mike, Donna and the Captain inside the fort at the Dry Tartugas

Liberty Call anchored at the Dry Tartugas

The Captain and First Mate at the Dry Tartugas...someone has been eating tooo much Key Lime Pie! The state pie of Florida, not sure if that is true but sounds right!

I never had my senior year yearbook until I found a copy on e-bay for a $1.99. Yeap thats me!!!

One afternoon the Captain and I were sitting outside when a group of old, salty Marines came by, they saw our Marine Corps flag flying,and invited the Captain to the bar for a drink and swap old stories. I got to go along because the Captain told them I was a former Marine also. What a hoot these guys were.

I took this picture because he was my favorite old guy, infact he was a corpsman in Korea with the Marines, and any good Marine knows corpsmen are their best friend and they are very brave.

These are a couple of starfish that we found outside our marina in the saltgrass. Donna dived in and got them. We took them back to the boat, but decided they were to lovely to keep, because they would die, we decided to take a picture and set them free. que...BORN FREE music.


Sandy said...

Looks like so much fun. I loved the picture and wish you would have picked up the little sailboat shelf. It was soooo cute. I am going to make that flea market one of these days. Might have to go by myself, but I am going to get there! Love you, Sandy

valerie said...

i'm so glad you didn't kill the starfish!

i like your pirate lady and year book. i've passed up a few things at the flea market with huge regrets. i saw a beautiful painting of a woman... it was her portrait and she had a cowboy hat on and a bright red scarf. the dealer didn't know who the painting was of and it was $85. i went back the next weekend in hopes it was there as it would have been really neat in curtis' western room. well, it sold! to a gallery! it was truly a loss. it had to be from the 40's or 50's. it's probably at the cowgirl museum now.

i guess i'll be seeing you soon!