Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Fun Continues Part II

We headed back to Key West from the Dry Tortuga's after a fun three days of snorkeling, swimming and just being lazy.

In Key West we met up with the Captain and Crew of Safari, Robert, Angela and Boomer along with Tami, Thane and Mike at the Schooner Wharf. Had a great gab-fest and catchup session along with dinner and a few brews for some. After dinner Thane took us on a guided tour of Duval Street...but it had been a long day, coming back from the Tortuga's, stopping at the reef for a couple of hours of snorkeling and partying with friends took it's toll on us all.

On the 4th of July we all decided to take Liberty Call back out to the reef and snorkel some more, have lunch and just enjoy a day of celebration on the 233 birthday of this great nation!!!
That evening we watched fireworks from the upper deck of Safari. I think a great time was had by all.

Sunday, the 5th, we took Liberty Call back to Boca Chica and just spent the day resting up. It takes a lot out of you having fun. That evening we joined Mike at his marina for dinner. Then early to we thought! Had a little electrical problem on the boat, after some frantic tearing things apart and a few colorful words muttered...the first mate, that would be me, saw our neighbor outside looking at his electric box...seems the problem was not Liberty Call but Boca Chica Marina. Thank goodness!! It was just strange, because some of the electric worked on the boat and some did not. I never figured that out but the guys tried to explain it, but it was to complected for me.

On Monday, before Howel and Jo needed to be at the airport we took a little trip to the Mel Fisher Museum. Mel Fisher and his crew discovered the mother load of treasures from the sunken Spanish ship the Atocha back in the 70's. The museum give the history of the years of searching

A fish's eye view

Howel in deep water...again

Tami, me and the captain looking like professionals

4th of July

At the Schooner Wharf

Meeting up on Safari

The Captain in front of the Mel Fisher Museum

Howel and Jo in front of the Mel Fisher Museum

Headed home...don't they look tired?

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