Monday, July 19, 2010

Well it has almost been a year since we left Key West. A lot has happened in that year. Our little jellyfish was born on Sept 16, 09...Violet Isabelle. My goodness she is almost a year old herself.

We sold Liberty Call and moved back to the Texas hill country. It was a hard decision, but one we came to terms with. Life hands you ups and downs and that is one thing the Captain and I can handle...we have had our share of them.

We do consider ourselves blessed with a wonderful daughter and son, who have given more to us then we have ever given to them. Now we have our little Violet to brighten our days and give us rays of sunshine with her sweet smile.

I have a new bolg and so far I have been a little lazy with it but hope to be more faithful in the future.

I have loved chronicling our sailabout adventure, but sad to say we have now become land lubbers again, at least for now. The call of the sea is a strong one and the sirens are calling.

Semper Fi, fair winds...

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