Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving on the Hook

We arrived in Pensacola November 24th. We stayed at the Palafax Pier and Marina for a couple of days. Downtown Pensacola was like a ghost town. We tried to have dinner at the hot spot called Seville Square but the place was closed down. Locals told us it was the economy and the slow time of year. Being that there was not much to see we decided to head over to a place the locals told us about for anchoring out...a nice quite spot by an old military fort, Fort McRae and close by Fort Pickens. We wanted to spend Thanksgiving Day on the hook and could not have picked a better place or more perfect weather.

Thanksgiving morning I got ambitious and made beignets for breakfast. I bought a box of mix while we were in New Orleans and saved it for a special day. What could be more special then Thanksgiving? After all we are very thankful for our families, friends and being Americans. We also needed some good fortification for our upcoming exploration of the the old forts and the beach.

We were located at the YOU ARE HERE spot on the map.

This was a park sign that gave some information about the old fort. If you click on the picture it will enlarge so you can read about the history.

We saw a flounder snoozing next to the shore and took his picture.

Me by a cannon at Fort Pickens. The fort sustained serious damage during Hurricane Ivan and will open again to the public in August of 09.

The Captain by a cannon at Fort Pickens.

These were houses at Fort Pickens that were all boarded up. I guess they were old Army housing or Park Ranger housing, not sure which or maybe both.

This was another spectacular sunset!!! We had a wonderful day and did take more pictures but it takes forever to get them to down load!

We are now in Panama City...have been here since Friday night. The weather turned bad with rain and high winds so we are holed up at Bayfront Marina along with a lot of other cruisers who headed for safety for a couple of days. The wind should lay down tonight and we plan on heading out tomorrow. I forgot my camera when we went ashore so no pics. Besides, this place reminds me of Port A on steroids. It is very nice and we did spend sometime at the Boardwalk area and I talked the Captain into going to a movie. We saw Australia...on a sailing mast scale of one to ten it is a 4.5. Hugh Jackson lived up to the sexiest man of the year title and Nicole Kidman was gorgeous as always. The little boy in the movie reminded me of Sebastion...the little boy who lived on a catamaran with his mom and dad at Island Moorings before they moved to Mexico.

So that's the update for now. Miss you all.


derry said...

Beautiful sunset. We are headed to Vegas in the morning. Miss you. RC

valerie said...

mmm... those new orleans doughnuts look good. i like the sand. you guys look warm compared to us. i'm glad you didn't post the fishing video. did you guys not eat turkey on thanksgiving? i think you guys look like you're relaxing too much. is that possible?

Shawn said...

Those sunsets look a little too spectacular. I think they're stunt sunsets. Okay, fine, I'll admit I'm a wee bit jealous. Safe sailing!
Love, Shawn
P.S. Didja hear? Obama chose Hilary as Secretary of State!