Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Biloxi, Mississippi

After leaving New Orleans on November 18, we headed for Biloxi...We had not planned on going straight into Biloxi but our anchoring out destination, Ship Island, turned out to be a little...lets just say...hazardous...according to our guide there was plenty of depth to drop anchor but we found out that it went from 12 to 0 in a flash...soooooo we decided to skedaddled on over to Biloxi. Of course it was night by now and I just hate going into a place after dark. It is so hard to know where your going, but that's why I have a Captain!

What can I say about Biloxi???? hmmmm, not much! There is still a lot of damage there from Katrina. The city marina, located behind the Isle of Capri Casino, had no electricity, dock and building damage. We needed to stay anyway so our new head motor could be sent overnight. Yes, a new head motor! to go along with our new batteries! You know what they say about boats "it's a hole in the water you throw money in".

Since there were casinos in the area it took the Captain no time to find a craps table. The Captain had some free nights at the Grande Biloxi so we decided to take advantage of them. While the Captain worked the craps table I went on a walk around the area. I love to explore and walking is the best way to get to know a place. Sad to say though, there was not much to see due to the hurricane damage. According to a few locals we chatted with many people took the money and left town instead of rebuilding. So now there are lots and lots of vacant areas. Also we noted these little pink, green, yellow cottages around. We were told that FEMA supplied these when people started to complain about the FEMA trailers. Cute places, glad to see our tax dollars at work.

I took this picture from our room at the hotel. As you can see there just was not much to this place.

Perhaps I am being a little hard on Biloxi, after all it was the next place after New Orleans. Someday we will come back and I will try to see it in a different light.

We left Biloxi on November 23. We made it a short day and anchored out at Dauphin Island. It was a peaceful and isolated area. I took these pictures of the spectacular sunset.

We made it into Bear Paw marina the next day in Orange Beach, Alabama. I did laundry while the Captain did Captain things around the boat. We ran into Tim and Sharon from Port A. We visited with them for a while on their boat. They have been working on getting their boat cruiser ready and have plans to head out in January, they hope! We all know how that works. We wish them well and fair winds.

This morning we left early and headed to Pensacola. I took some pictures of the houses along the way. Alabama Coast looks like a lovely place to live.

Yea!!! We made it to Florida! I was willing to swim to shore so the Captain could take my picture under the sign. But he was being Captain Bly today and said "NO."

We are now in Pensacola and I will blog about our adventure here, so stay tuned for updates.

Bye All


valerie said...

i'm glad to see you're making the most of your trip. biloxi has really pretty beaches. someday people are going to buy up all the land and rebuild. i like those little cottages too. i hope you guys are having fun in pensecola... i tried calling you on thanksgiving, but your phone was turned off. call me soon!

Sandy said...

Looks like a great trip. Never thought I would see my brother belly dancing. It just goes to show.....
Happy New Year!