Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Port Aransas in Key West, Part I

I think I have recovered from our week-long/non-stop/whirlwind fun with our dear and close friends Howell and Jo from s/v Why Knot berthed in Port Aransas. When they arrived Sunday evening we hit the ground running. Tami and Thane met up with us at the airport so they could give a big Key West Welcome to Howel and Jo also. We then decided to head over to the Turtle Kraal down by Key West harbor for a few drinks and catch up before heading over to Pepe's for dinner.


Catchup Session

After a good nights rest...Monday morning, Jo and I headed to the local grocery store to stock up on food and stuff for our trip out to the Dry Tartugas. After cruising the isles of Publix I think we had found enough to outfit a small navy. I had already hit the commissary soooooo we were not going hungry or thirsty.

The Captain wanted to leave as soon as we got back. We had decided after a fuel stop in Key West we would head over to our favorite snorkel place and spend the night, get up early the next day and make our journey to the Tartugas.

On the way!

Coming up on the reef where we snorkeled and spent the night on our way to the Tartugas. Okay after close inspection of this picture it appears to be the chanel leaving Boca Chica.

Howell had a great underwater case for his camera and took a picture of the Captain right after he jumped in.

The water was murkey that day, but I think this is a picture of fish and some stingrays taking a snooze on the bottom. The rays like to cover themselves up with sand and all you can see is an outline of their body, their tale and blinking eyes.

Jo the next day on our way to the Tartugas.

We arrived at the Dry Tartugas early afternoon. It did not take us long to load up and head for shore to get some snorkeling in before the day ended. We started off in the lagoon at the side of Fort Jefferson and the Captain and I snorkeled over to the old iron post that have now turned into a reef. The fish were beautiful and the colors vivid. We joined Howel and Jo back at the lagoon.


While we were just having a leisurely time...a young couple started yelling and pointing from the beach. SHARK! SHARK! we all just said "no way" but then we looked. We saw two big fish fighting until the death, shark 1, tarpon 0...when the large ring of blood appeared, well Jo and I got out of the water. The guys just shrugged and snorkeled away. Said the shark was no longer hungry.

Arriving at the Dry Tartugas

The Captain with his head in a cannon.

The girls looking at a different cannon then the one the Captain put his head in.

Howell and Jo in front of Fort Jefferson, Dry Tartugas.

This is the end of part one but there is more to come!!

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valerie said...

looks like you guys had a great time! it's fun sharing favorite places with good friends... you all were lucky to have a tarpon distract the shark. hopefully curtis and i will get to go to the dry tortugas with you some day!