Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Catching Up

Trying to stay on top of our adventure can be hard to do with days offshore and no wireless available when anchoring out. Sooooo I will try to cover the last several days.

The day after we left Army Hole we went offshore, tried to make it into Freeport before night but since the time change darkness came fast. We were worried about going under a power cable after dark so we decided to anchor out and wait for morning. As luck would have it, the Coast Guard showed up and told us we were in a restricted area. There was no other place to go so our only option was to go back offshore and head for Galveston. Eight hours later at 4:30 AM we made it into Galveston dropped anchor and fell into bed. We stayed there the following day to recover from my trauma.....of an unexpected overnighter offshore.

November 4th we decided to head over to Harborwalk Marina in Galveston. Wanted to watch how the elections turned out. Not what we had hoped for! We stayed an extra day because of our never ending problem with the batteries.

Took off early morning on the 6th. Ran into a bit of a traffic errrr barge jam on our way out of Galveston Bay.

Loved these clouds...looked like a Spanish Armada...don't ya think?

Me catching a snooze...zzzzzzzzzz...

Depending on whose perspective you look at, the next 2.5 days was a scream!!!! or a blast! We stayed offshore during that time and weaved our way through the endless oil platforms and those crazy shrimpers. Both freak me out at night. Thank goodness the Captain lives for this stuff and was having a blast sailing through 22 to 28 knots of wind and rain storms. Me, on the other hand cowered in the bunk down below. Okay, okay I did a few turns at the helm also in between my cowering. I also took some great pictures of the sunset after the storm clouds passed by.

Oil Platform in storm clouds.

Shrimp boat and hungry seagulls.

Storm clouds.

Sunset after the storm. I took these during one of my times at the helm.

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valerie said...

what a beautiful little adventure you guys are on! while i'm pulling my hair out teaching money you're napping! i'm jealous. can't wait to hear more about new orleans. by the way, i do know what a beignet is, and i've had my fair share at cafe du monde. so stop bragging! ;)