Monday, November 17, 2008

New Orleans

I took this shot as we were coming into New Orleans on Nov 9th.

This is a train bridge that we had to call to let us through. As you can see there was a train on it. We also had to wait for the next bridge, which is a left bridge to be fixed. There was some kind of problem and an electrician had to be called.

Once we made it through the bridges we pulled into Seabrook Marina. We have stayed here for about a week getting new batteries for Liberty Call. Sooooo we wasted no time in exploring New Orleans. I had never been here and I was looking forward to this adventure.

To celebrate the Marine Corps Birthday, Nov 10th, we went down to the French Quarter for dinner. Our first stop was Pat O'Brien's were we tried one of those famous Hurricane drinks.

The Captain took a picture of me sitting by the water and fire fountain at Pat O'Brien's

I took this picture as we were walking over to the Acme Oyster House for dinner. Acme Oyster House has been operating since 1910 and is considered the best place in town for oysters.....I was planning on having a hamburger!

When the waitress brought the Captain's grilled oysters to the table, he talked me into trying one! I put up a good fight about how icky they were until I gave in and tried one! Yummmmmmmm!!! After I ate about half of his dozen I decided they were not so bad. I liked them so much I talked the Captain into going there a second time for dinner (like that was hard to do?) and I had grilled oysters for dinner. I still draw the line at FISH! So now I have looked up on for a recipe for grilled oysters so we can try making them ourselves. Oh, did I mention their world famous bread pudding? That was almost a good as the oysters!

I took this picture of the Captain across the street from the Cafe Du Monde. We got it on good advice from Captain Jr. that they had the best doughnuts in the world there. Of course the Cafe Du Monde is world famous for their beignets.

As you can see we had no problem in sampling them. They are pretty messy but everyone in the place had a fine layer of powdered sugar on their faces.

The Captain took a picture of me with the Mississippi River behind me.

After our breakfast we ventured through the local shops and I took some pictures of some famous land marks.

Along with our plan to make grilled oysters we bought a box of Beignet mix to make our own along with some Aunt Sally's creole pralines and praline covered pecans. Aunt Sally makes some good stuff.

This is a statue of Joan of Arc at the French Market.

This is the St. Louis Cathedral at Jackson Square.


No trip to New Orleans would be complete without visiting one of the many old cemetaries found throughout the city. We took a tour and this is the cemetary we visited. I was fascinated with the stone angels and got a little carried away with taking pictures.


valerie said...

what a great, long post! i'm so glad you visited the old cemeteries. they are quite stunning. i wanted to take a haunted graveyard tour when i was in new orleans but never did.

good for you for trying something you thought you hated. too bad they're adorable baby oysters.

looks like you guys are having too much fun and eating lots of amazing food. hope you're wearing sunscreen! when are you guys heading out?

Tami said...

I can't believe you ate oysters. Okay so when you make it to Key West we're gonna go RAW!