Tuesday, November 4, 2008


On Saturday, Nov 1, 08, we cut the lines and headed out. We had planned for Nov 1 and actually made that date, despite all the chores and errands we had to do first.

Okay....we staged the departing pictures, but there was no one around to take them.

It was a beautiful sunrise as we made our way down Piper Channel out of Island Moorings.

We said our goodbye's to the Port Aransas Ferries...Port Aransas and the HEB Lighthouse as we sailed our way down the ICW.

I took a picture of a map out of Campbell's Guide to Cruising Texas that shows the first few days or our cruise . Port Aransas is not on the map (shock!), so our closes jump off point would be Aransas Pass. We stayed in the Intracoastal Waterway, ICW, our first day.

This is a cute little tug we passed....

Look close, that's a dolphin taking an afternoon swim. He did not seem to care that we were cruising by.

Semper Fi!!

The Captain working hard.

Playing with the flags.

Our first night out we anchored at Army Hole. Army Hole is located at Matagorda Island State Park in the Espiritu Santo Bay. The Army Air Corps dug a channel to the island when it was used as an air base. Today it is a park used by campers, fishermen and folks like us who want to anchor out for a night on their way east, or west.


valerie said...

cool... i feel like i'm there! thanks for all of the details and pictures. i'm glad you guys are finally getting to do this. it seems incredibly relaxing. are you reading tons of good books? keep posting!

(you should send out emails when you post so friends and family can stay updated. they may forget to check without reminders.)

have fun!

Tami said...

I'm so glad you are on your way! What a beautiful sight the Port A ferry & the lighthouse are. Enjoy New Orleans and eat some oysters for us ... well, have Travis eat them for us.

Curtis said...

Happy 233rd Marines!

derry said...

Great pictures!!! We miss you.

Sandy said...

Looks like fun. Keep in touch and stay safe.